Friday, October 12, 2012

Don't be a quitter

When I write about diets or how you should exercise, I am like a 3-yr-old being dragged to a museum, slow, reluctant, whiny.

Eat veggies, walk, interval-train, take out the dog, buy kettlebells, suspend from a rope—ACK!

Robert Hopper, PhD, a former swimming champ and exercise physiologist, has a book out called Stick with Exercise for a Lifetime. I actually know people who have done this—of course, they are getting joint replacements now, but whatever…

It can be done.

The American College of Sports Medicine has softened some—they allow participation in less strenuous programs, such as dog walking.

Fun should be a factor! Now there is an idea.

Hopper suggests finding a passion. Backpacking, bocce ball, kayaking, you name it.

Get a coach, learn the pastime correctly.

Get on a team—your team members will keep you coming.

Take the time—it takes time to drive someplace, change, play and perform the activity, then shower, dress, go someplace else. Allow the time.

Have a side dish activity to supplement or alterate with your main one.

Work for continual improvement—this gives positive vibes.

Once people get really good or win a championship, they tend to slack…fight this.

With all your new-found strength.

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