Monday, October 22, 2012

Food prep safety

I have two cats who stroll around the counters—you know where those paws have been. So I probably should not preach on kitchen sanitation.

I will let David Shelburn, MS, a family med guy at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and the CDC do it for me.

They say, lather up. Wash your hands with soap several times in the course of making a meal, especially after working with raw meat or eggs.

Two cutting boards are a good idea—one for meat and the other for fruit and veggies.

Wash the meat board a lot with hot water and soap.

Don’t drink out of the carton in the fridge. I predict this is not the first time you heard this one!

Do not jam the fridge full of food—it makes it warmer in there.

Reheat leftovers. They could have already picked up something you won’t like.

Defrost in the fridge, not on the counter.

Oh, what the heck—get carryout! Just never, ever go in the kitchen there.

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