Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Handheld germ balls

Do you know where your phone has been—in the dog’s mouth, a toddler’s paws, a friend’s hand, a counter in a restaurant, on top of gym towels, in the diaper bag—even, oops, in the toity? Also it’s near your mouth, nose and ear all the time.

Some scientists tested some phones—found most often on touchscreens—e.coli—poop germs.

For the raging paranoics, the WSJ, Oct 23, 2012, checked out some disinfectants—alcohol killed 99% of the cooties on a phone, Windex 90%, Nice ‘n’ Clean Electronic Wipes 80%, and water…just a sad little 4%.

But some can damage screens or phone bodies.

Some products designed for phone cleaning don’t do the job gerrmwise. The manufactrurers are also cagy about the materials—so cleaners cannot be crafted.

Some microfiber cloths remove 99% of stuff, but you may only need 10 organisms left to make you sick.

A new approach—UV light—is coming. PhoneSoap, which is not soap obviously, cleans while the phone is charging.

Another idea is to make phones kind of bumpy like sharkskin to stuff won’t stick.

I say—man up or just go over and talk to people in person. Of course, people can give you the flu, too.

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