Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lose the puzzles and take a hike?

Senior moments—such fun. Why did I come in here? Hmmmm.. Oh—is that today?

Another senior moment--your knees feel like hot bags of razor blades.

Jennifer Corbett Doorn, WSJ, Oct 23, 2012, says a Journal of Neurology study of 700 people born in 1936 found physically active people had less brain shrinkage than those who got less exercise.

They also noticed that such things as visiting friends, reading, playing games and doing puzzles did nothing to stop brain changes.

More physical exercise means better brain health, the docs said.

BUT—are do people with shrinking brains simply exercise less…like maybe they forget to or can’t (remember the razor blade thing?).

The docs return to better circulation—surely exercise sends more blood up to the top floors.

Research continues. Keep watching for it—if you remember to.

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