Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shag those test results--trust no one

“No news is NOT good news” when it comes to medical test results. If the doctor or some functionary or robot does not call you—you start calling.

I had a doctor say don’t bother us about tests until 2 weeks has passed. Most results get back to them the next day unless it’s a culture. Call!

I am in a swivet over this because I depended on an urgent care center during my last illness (my doctor too busy, it was a weekend, some idiotic reason…).

One thing I might have had was BAD—it kills people. They were unclear on how to do the samples—I even called, they said toss one receptacle—well, darn, that was the one needed to do the test for the bad thing.

Of course, someone called, right?

NO!!! I called half a dozen times—they kept saying they called the lab. No one did. Lie! Finally I called the lab directly—all this while sick as a dog, head on the desk—and they showed immediately that the test was “pending.” It was not pending—it had been cancelled.

Can anyone in this damn system play this game? The urgent care said their doctor would call—two doctors supposedly called. Nope.

You have to be relentless—they sure don’t care—so you have to!

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