Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Stay safe while hunting

Getting mistaken for a deer and taking a round is the least of it.

The Mayo Clinic has some tips for hunters heading for the woods this fall.

Heart attacks, injured backs, and broken bones are also a hazard.

This is according to a ER doc named Eric Grube, MD, of the Mayo Clinic Health System in LaCrosse, Wisc.

Grube is himself a hunter.

Wear suitable clothing, he urges. Both for visibility and for the weather.

Watch for heart attack signs…You will be walking over rough or uphill terrain, dragging a heavy animal if you do shoot one. Unless you exercise a lot, take breaks.

Falls are a problem if you go up a tree—it’s easy to slip.

Use a safety belt in a tree. Permanent tree stands can rot and be unsafe—avoid them. The fall from a stand can be 15 feet—that’s a lot.

Avoid alcohol—it can bring on hypothermia, among other problems.

Let family members know where you will be—take two-way radios, or loud whistles. Many places do not have cell service.

Practice firearm safety. Treat every gun as if loaded. Point the muzzle in a safe direction. Be sure of your target—and what lies beyond it.

Keep your finger outside the trigger guard.

The people who are most likely to let safety rules slip may be those who hunt most often.

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