Monday, October 15, 2012

Tips for male caregivers (women can listen, too)

Kelly Green, WSJ, Oct 13-14, 2012, says more men are taking care of kids and aging parents than ever before.

Many still have day jobs, too—like women often do. Forty-five percent of caregivers are male—despite the idea that this usually falls to women.

This costs men almost $90K in lost wages over a life time. Also an estimated $145 in SS benefits and $50K in pension benefits.

Men are also less likely to seek help from govt and other agencies.

The National Council on Aging, developed a free benefits checkup at This tells older people and caregivers what they are entitled to get.

There are also local agencies to help find funds and facilities, or services such as transportation.

Many companies also help with caregiving being done by their employees. This can be information—or a referral service.

Geriatric care managers can help.

War-time vets with more than 90 days in qualify for “aid-and-attendance” benefits.

There are also caregiver support groups.

Why should men need any of this less than women?

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