Tuesday, October 16, 2012

UnitedHealth "gaming" the system

UnitedHealth may provide teens video games

In 2010, the health insurance giant got interested in engaging teens in their own health care.

How? Well, not with a fat manual of instructions—but with videogaming.

They “gamified” health.

Actually this is happening for people of all ages—even the older people are using Wii to stabilize themselves with their Parkinson’s and address other ailments.

United also has a program on the web called Baby Blocks—to encourage pregnant women on Medicaid to attend their prenatal visits—and later, their well child visits.

Every time they unlock a block in the game, they get a gift. This could be something for the baby—or something for them.

Another initiative is exergaming—the member is “observed” doing the exercise and corrected if doing it wrong.

Will Angry Birds be replaced with Happy Patients?

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