Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Why are hearing aids so expensive?

The Herald Trib ran a story about a guy with a cracked hearing aid.

This could fracture and disappear into his ear, one salesman cried!

He then whipped out a catalog—how about $1,600? Or $2,000—is that OK?

A hearing aid is a microphone and amplifier that fits in your ear. Most hearing aids cost no more than $100 to make.

After hearing about aids with channels, like a stereo, this fellow eventually went to Costco.Those channels are examples of over-engineering, according to this.

You don’t need them.

If you order by mail, of course, you have to mail the aids back if they need adjustment—a fancy clinic can do that on the spot.

Costco also does that.

This guy’s first experience with Costco was not great. The sound was tinny. Later, he went to a Costco in a different city, explained, and got a new one that worked perfectly.

He also brought his old, crusty, cracked aid to a specialist who fixed it for a century note.

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