Monday, October 08, 2012

You could make your pet sick

Put this in your “I don’t have enough to worry about” file.

As many as 100 million households have a cat or dog. They defecate pretty much everyplace, drink toilet water, smooch you all the time—and sometimes people, some people, think they are unsanitary.

But it could be YOU threatening them!

Giving a disease to an animal is called reverse zoonosis.

We all know that some of the more trendy flus—H1N1 (avian), swine, etc somehow leaped from animal to human.

But H1N1, at least, has also leaped back the other way, according to Oregon State Univ researchers.

The docs suggest steering clear of your pet if you have flu-like symptoms—fever, headache, coughing.

Ferrets can also catch H1N1, they say.

Oh—by the way—get a flu shot.

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