Monday, November 26, 2012

Alzheimer's symptoms can be eased without drugs

People with Alzheimer’s and even some other memory issues can have disturbing behavior problems, according to anyone who has dealt with this and to researchers at Johns Hopkins.

Alzheimer’s patients can wander at night, ask or say things over and over, become violent or combative, see things that are not there, or undress.

Our beautiful mother never used swear words—but she started in later life. She also offered to take off her clothes in public.

The Johns Hopkins people say non-drug approaches need to be started early.The caregiver and doctor need to talk about what is starting.

What are the triggers for the symptoms? If the person keeps getting up at night, a simple night light might allay fears.

A long walk before bed can make older people tired enough to stay asleep.

Memory patients like to rummage—women will go through their purses over and over. Provide purses of objects or boxes o f clothes or colored hankies to examine.

Try to think up ways to distract or interest the person in other activities.

Easier said than done—but worth a shot.

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