Thursday, November 29, 2012

Are you "pro" biotics?

I get it—we are bags of glom populated by our weight in organisms chewing up and digesting and balancing etc.


But should we take “probiotics”—the “good" bacteria to counter all the toxins and upset in our lives?

I take an acidophilus pill sometimes—smooth-working innards are not a hallmark of my health.

But so far, there is little scientific proof for all this, according to a story by Sumath Reddy in the Nov 27, 2012, WSJ.

Still—these catchall probiotics may soon be narrowed down to specific uses and prescribed.

People take the “pro” when also taking the “anti” biotics.

Probiotics may lower cholesterol.

But all this is iffy. Still, these organisms are not regulated by the FDA—I guess if you take one and get worse diarrhea or something, you could stop.

You know I am not a fan of throwing in pills willy-nilly. It's up to you.

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