Thursday, November 08, 2012

Colds can make you stupid--or not

I guess this is stating the obvious. The common cold could affect attention, ability to think, and behavior— But does it?

British researchers looked at 189 men and women and tested them while they were healthy. They measured reaction time, verbal reasoning skills, memory, and mood.

Then they rated cold symptoms (for those who got one) on a 5-pt scale—such things as sneezing, and sore throat. Sleep duration was also tested.

Then they tested 24 and 96 hours after the cold set in. The 141 who remained healthy were tested in 12 weeks.

There were significant differences between sick and healthy on mood, alertness, and well-being, and reaction time.

But overall, they decided cold symptoms did not really affect performance that much.

Sort of a nothingburger study, don’t you think?

Ah-choo! Aw, nuts.

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