Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New one for you--teleconcussion

Mayo Clinic here in Phoenix is using telemedicine to evaluate mostly rural patients for concussion.

In one case study, docs at Mayo conducted a live audio-video exam of a 15-year-old soccer player who received a concussion during a game.

More than one-third of AZ lacks access to neurological consults—to this was a plus.

Incorrect evaluation of a head blow (and concussions can result from body blows that cause the spongy brain to shift inside the skull, too) can lead to people going back to a sport too soon, causing permanent damage.

Teleconcussion consults are an offshoot of a telemedicine initiative at Mayo aimed at people with strokes—who also don’t get solid neurological backup in some parts of AZ.

One ER doc said he told patients to followup with a specialist—and there were none.

I have a booklet available on concussion if you are interested—go to

Happy Thanksgiving, all! No rough horseplay now!

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