Monday, November 19, 2012

Rules a pain for hurting patients

It's called the pharmacy crawl. Not crawl like a cowboy across burning sands—but go from pharmacy to pharmacy to get painkillers legally.

Here’s a hot one—not every person taking painkillers is a junkie—many have horrible pain.

Timothy W. Martin, WSJ, Sept 27, 2012, tells of a woman maimed in a car wreck who has to make 30 visits a month to 6 pharmacies to get her prescriptions. No one of these can give her enough for an overdose.

She says everyone thinks she is a drug addict.

In some states doctors are now criminally liable if someone overdoses.

Pharmacies also cannot get an adequate supply for the drugs, which have caused more ODs than cocaine and heroin combined (2011).

In Florida, prescriptions for oxy are routinely handed back at the pharmacy counter. No can do.

Experts say the states may have over-reacted? Think?

I wonder if these ‘crats realize how hard it is to drive around when you are in agony.

It might be easier to get the stuff down on the corner—is that what these people want?

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