Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Solution to the hell of college--sleep

Justin Pope, AP, says everyone knows college is a health hazard—anxiety, drinking, depression, failing grades.

The solution? Sleep, people!

Nine hours a night.

Everywhere on campus, you see people sacked out. One college even had a nap map of places to collapse.

The average student has a sleep disorder, one doc said. In one study, they reported sleeping 6.5 hrs a night—and students over-report, the researchers said.

Depression, anxiety—usually from not sleeping. They put sleep monitoring headbands on kids—nothing going on in their brains, they charmingly reported.

Some colleges are emphasizing sleep.

Still, when is the last time you pulled an “all nighter”? Yup—collitch.

Think about it—if you can still think.

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