Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stay with sick child--lose job?

A third of parents in a survey said staying home with a sick child could cost them their jobs.

This from a University of Maryland survey also showed parents had trouble finding sick child care when a child could not attend day care.

A third of those afraid for their jobs said they did not have paid leave to cover sick kids.

Eight percent said they went to the ER—easier than going to the child’s primary doctor.

Many child care places send a kid with a runny nose home—but the American Academy of Pediatrics says if the child is energetic, he or she may not need to be sent home. The cold could already have been spread before symptoms appear.

Forty million people lack sick leave benefits anyway—much less for children. This is a substantial problem, the researchers said.

Well, yeah! What is the answer…any ideas? Some hospital-based sick kid day care centers around here have closed.

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