Friday, November 30, 2012

This is my head from weird medical appts

First, I went to an ear specialist about my balance and he was all about selling me hearing aids—well, I heard THAT, bud. You're done--getting another doctor.

My sister went to get shots in her knee and they were out of the hyaluronic oil! Nice of you to call, people.

I tried to get some medicine for an eye infection and have already talked to FOUR, count ‘em, four, people in the office with no callback.

This is in one week!

Can anyone play this game? Well, a group called Care Planners can! They will help you get a second opinion, ask for appropriate tests, back you up and actually be your advocate—remember, advocates—like Dr Welby and Ben Casey—people with the patient’s well-being at heart?

Check out Yes, it costs—starting at $195—but sometimes, this could be worth it!

They will also help you manage a sick or elderly person’s care from a distance.

Help—we need it!

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