Friday, November 02, 2012

You thought allergy time was over? Silly puppy

The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology ( says sure, spring can be bad with flowers and trees blooming, but don’t underestimate winter to really get noses running.

Forty million Americans have allergies—and the stress of the holidays just adds to the misery.

The docs suggest three things. First, opt for natural aromas—those pine and gingerbread candles and sprays can kick up allergies.

Beware of the Thanksgiving effect—you may be used to your dog or cat, but it you spend time at other houses, your allergies could kick in again.

Feast cautiously, they say. This is not the tiresome “avoid a Santa belly” diet advice, but pertains to allergies. There could be soy in things, peanuts, shellfish in stuffing, that sort of thing. Avoid self-basting turkeys—they can contain all sorts of allergens.

Be careful in gift-giving. Cheap jewelry has nickel—which can give people a rash. Perfume can be bad.

Decorations can get ya—say they are full of dust mites from being in the garage. Consider an artificial tree—the sap from real ones can get some people.

Ask your allergist—maybe there is a shot to help you. For more info…go to

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