Wednesday, December 05, 2012

About that Electronic Medical Record

I go to the doctor and see all the illogic and craziness so you don’t have to. You can thank me later.

Yesterday, I had two eye doc appts in one office—two specialists. Hours apart—we had to come back.

When we got back the second time, they tested my vision AGAIN—it had been hours before. They asked the same questions answered hours before.

Finally we said we just did all this. And the tech said each doctor here creates his own record in his own template.

Why—we asked, without screaming, I am proud to say.

To get paid, she responded.

Soooo…bottom line, the patient’s time and um…patience is worth nothing. All this talk of waste in the system is just talk. All this silly repetition will be sent to the Feds (more on that sometime), and this is dumb as two boxes of hair (twice as dumb as one box).

We have also come across errors in these records—and they will not change them. So there you have it, folks—we are done for!

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