Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Common sense--remember that?

Those old wives! They had some smarts.

I read a fun list the other day. On eating. Don't eat anything your grandmother or great-grandmother would not think was food. Splenda? Squirt cheese? Avoid imitation foods--such as nondairy cheese. Or neutraceuticals--so-called food with medicine in it.

Watch out for foods with health claims. No fat? Could be chemicals instead. Artificial fiber in a sugary food--it is suddenly healthy?

Treat meat as a flavoring. No more than five ounces a day.

If you don't know what it is--don't eat it. monocalcium phosphate? Sound delish?

Eat the rainbow--all colors. The colored foods have the punch.

Don't drink punch (I added that).

Sweeten and salt food yourself--after tasting a bite!Eat slower.

Cook your own food.

Cook? OK--now they have gone too far!

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