Monday, December 31, 2012

Did your college student pick at dinner?

When your kid comes home from college, she (or even he) may be one of the 25% of young people who have developed an eating disorder.

This is usually described as a "silent club," hiding the starving, laxatives, bingeing or purging from loved ones.

Is your child staying away from the family a lot?

Obsessed with appearance? "I am so fat!"

Will the kid eat with the family or claim to have "stuffed" earlier?

Is food disappearing from the fridge?

Does the kid run to the john after meals?

Parents should gently raise this--but the kid may be defensive and pitch a fit.

Avoid words like heavy, fat and thin.

Maybe you can ask about the campus meal plan--did you like the food?

Eating disorders are only about food on the surface--mostly they are about self-image, a place in the world, anxiety, and control.

College is a time all of these come to the fore.

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