Friday, December 21, 2012

Doctors are not good diet counselors

The feds are urging primary doctors to help fat people lose weight--this horrible "epidemic" that is crushing the country, etc etc.

When you go for a checkup (do they have those anymore?) and you're fat, the doctor may ask are you interested in dieting?

To me, this should be phrased, are you interested in yet another discouraging, soul-sapping run at losing a few pounds--even 5% of your body weight would help!!

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health says primary care physicians are not qualified to give weight counseling.

Less than half of them in one study had any success in this area.

Most doctors thought dietitians and nutritionists were better at it. Anybody but them. Can people use their insurance to come every two weeks for a weigh-in. Are pages photocopied from a diet book medical advice?

Are nutritionists reimbursed by insurance? Sometimes.

I have had doctors say eat less, move more. Yeah--got it.

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