Monday, December 24, 2012

Oh, please, I would never do this!

Our buds at Loyola tell us today that if you are at a holiday gathering and an elderly relative "smells bad," you should take the person to the ER as their Christmas present.

First, no way.

Second, then YOU will be in the ER.

Three, what do you say--this guy or gal may be too drifty to take a shower?

They also say contact the person's doctor. Hello--holiday!!

Yes, you can tell is someone is slipping, but unless they are dehydrated, have fallen, or are talking weirdly, this is not an ER issue.

Yes, the ER is great on holidays if you have some alarming symptoms. Go if you need to! But for this--Aunt Mildred isn't herself...That is a WHOLE 'nother project and not quickly accomplished.

The Christimas gathering, however, could be a chance for all relatives to talk and plan some action.

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