Friday, December 14, 2012

Organic--worth the money?

Someone told me she had a friend who would eat ANYTHING that said organic. Well, if it’s not a rock, it’s organic.

Of course, she meant lovingly free-ranged or fertilized with mulch and not chemicals or something. There is no real definition.

Everything in the store says ORGANIC.

Ever go to Sprouts? That store smells umm….organic all right.

Academics are pretty snooty about food so they studied this, natch. At Stanford, no less.

Basically, they found that organic oranges did not have more Vitamin C. Non-organic veggies (impossible) had more pesticide residue, yes, but within limits allowed.

Au contraire, shouted the organic fans! Meat was less likely to have antibiotics!

This was a meta-analysis—they slammed together 237 studies and did not do more work. So at least they researchers were not influenced by Big Farm or anyone.

Where does that leave us? If you think organic is better and you can afford it, you will probably buy it. Usually, those veggies contain more phosphorus—but most people are not hurting for phosphorus.

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