Monday, December 17, 2012

The dreaded doctor clipboard

I hate that repetitive mess! Do they ever read their own stupid clipboard? Just asking what operations you have had in the whole length of your life—when you are there for hearing checkup—is not a medical history. It’s medical hysterics.

I had someone ask who was the doctor who did your sinus surgery? I was 14! I said—some friend of my parents.

They also don’t need your SS number—do you want that floating around the office? Leave it blank. No one has ever questioned me.

I hate them photocopying your license. Butt out! Look at it—it’s you, hand it back.

How about putting diseases and conditions on there that people get—shingles, atrial fib, for two examples.

No one reads the thing anyhow and now they will turn it over to the nosy-parker feds if someone asks.

If the doctor is curious about you, he or she can ask a relevant question—you have a rash, could it be shingles?


And when you do find things wrong—they won’t change it.

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