Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Time for more toy safety tips

It’s Christmas or whatever you call your gift-giving tradition—and the docs at Cincinnati Children’s are reminding us of things to look for in a toy.

Me, personally, I am older than dirt and would like a Teddy Bear—this year has been…well…a bear.

The eyes can even pop out—I promise not to swallow them.

But you do have to look for that aspect if you give a kid a stuffed animal—embroidered eyes maybe?

Read the warning labels before leaving the store! Good one! I actually have never done it.

Avoid sharp edges and points.

For little kids—make sure the toy or parts are at least an inch across and two inches long. I would say more.

Forget that crummy kid jewelry—it can contain toxic metals.

Avoid toys with button batteries—kids eat those like Tic Tacs.

Forget toys with high-powered magnets.

I once got my daughter the most adorable little fur jacket—but she had just learned to read and it said rabbit fur and she tossed it! Ah, the humanity!

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