Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What you never want to hear: OOPS

I had a painful eye abrasion--super painful. They had told me a couple of yrs ago that they had mistakenly cut the nerve to the surface of my eye in more bad operations. Ooops.

Well--ooops--maybe this was not true--maybe the mistake was mistakenly reported. Because some nerve was working!

Go to the doctor--roll the dice!

Surgeons still make 4,000 errors a year. Wrong patient, wrong side of body, wrong limb, leave stuff behind. Big things!

Johns Hopkins researchers looked at this. These are called "never" events--because they should never happen.

A lot of things are being tried, such as timeouts before surgery, a pause to be sure this is the right patient, the right body part.

Barcodes for instruments--then a wanding to see if any are left inside. This is another approach.

They also mark the limb to be operated with an indelible pen.

Some people also suggest withholding payment if the hospital lets something horrible happen.

Keep working on it!!

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