Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Baby needs a new pair of shoes

Ready to roll the dice on new athletic shoes? Nah--I am not athletic. But some people are.

Micehlle Talsma Everson wrote about this in the Arizona Republic, Jan 2, 2013. She quoted a trainer saying there are three things never to skimp on--mattresses, vacations, and shoes.

Ninety percent of people wear the wrong size--one pedorthist said. Pedorthist?

Shoes provide four forms of support--motion control, stability, neutral, and cushioning.

This means you need to key the shoe to the activity. Flast-soled, hard rubber shoes are good for weight lifiting.

Trail/hiking shoes--outdoor activities involving well, hiking.

Running shoes are for running and walking--not side to side like other sports, say basketball.

Speciality shoes are needed for the latter and for soccer, golf, etc.

A shoe lasts a year or 400 miles.

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