Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How long should a cough last?

If you said a week--wrong!

Acute bronchitis can last 18 days or more.

Thing is, coughs are horrible--they interrupt your sleep, bother everyone, and can make you wet your pants--so people demand treatment.

A cough from a cold is a virus--antibiotics won't cut it. Yet, some people treat clinics and doctors as Z-Pac clinics--demanding the few-day Zithromax treatment.

Too often doctors pass out the Z-Pacs to get rid of people.

Well, that lets some organisms build up resistance to antibiotics--and you know what that means. When you are sick with a bacteria-based illness, the meds may not work.

Some doctors put up posters discouraging antibiotics for coughs. I am saving you a trip to see that poster. You need to tough it out.

Hot tea, maybe cough medicine or drops--but not antibiotics. Or at least ask the doctor.

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