Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Moooom, my food is touching

Picky eaters. Some kids. I have heard of tots who will only eat...well, tots of the tater variety. Or only nuggets.

My own child loved artichokes but after an unfortunate experience with bad Chinese, will to this day not eat--or even say the word--rice. She calls it the R-thing.

For some reason, she also will not touch a pea.

So how do you get some variety into your kid's diet?

First--co-opt them. People approve of what they helped to create. Take them shopping, get them going measuring and mixing.

Don't give too many choices of food--maybe two.

No TV at the table. Also no negative subjects--such as discipline. You don't want dining to be stressful.

Share positive memories of food--remember Grandma's German chocolate cake?

Go heavy on the finger foods--mini-pancakes, tiny carrots (with dip).

Offer a food 10 times over six mos--if the answer is "the face," then drop it for six months.

Artichokes, anyone?

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