Monday, January 14, 2013

Still time to get the flu shot

I don’t see the tables with nurses at the grocery store, but we asked the pharmacist and after 20 minutes of calling and paperwork—the pharmacist gave us the vaccine. So ask.

Everyone is getting sick—even the vaccine is only 62% effective. Worth a try, though, if you see how sick people are.

The flu comes on fast—not like a cold. You wake up with a dry cough, no phlegm, fever, chills, aches.


Now they also say that Tamiflu stuff—prescription—is not the big woo they once said.

Fingers crossed—my readers and I, don’t forget me, will be passed by.

By the way, it takes two weeks for the shot to cut in.

Oh--and the flu can kill people. Many have succumbed.

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