Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The kind of angels bringing health

That group from the commercials, Visiting Angels, has created a "Fight the Flu Kit" for sick oldsters.

Apparently, this flu is attacking older people like mad--and killing them.

The group also will come into the home and flu-proof it--sanitizing, taking the residents to the doctor, and running errands so people with low immunity don't have to go out among coughing crowds.

You could probably assemble your own kit:

Paper towels--better to use in the bathroom than cloth.

A thermometer--over 102, could be the flu!

Vitamin C or orange juice in a box--ups immunity.

Pens--using a public pen in a bank or someplace can transfer germs.

Lysol spray for door knobs and light switches.

Hand sanitizer wipes--Baby wipes don't have the virus killing power.

Places to avoid: Public restrooms, the mall, grocery store, restaurants, and of course--surprise--the Library!

Who wipes off a book?

Visiting Angels was created in 1991 to help seniors on their homes. Check out www.visitingsangels.com.

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