Thursday, January 10, 2013

The older we get, the better we feel? Hmmm

According to researchers at the University of California San Diego, the fastest growing segment of us oldies are the over-80s.

They looked at 1000 older adults (redundant?) with a 25-min phoner and an questionnaire.

In addition to rates of disease and disability, they looked at how the people thought they felt.

They decided the "most relevant" findings came from the latter.

Lack of resilience and depression have a significant being. Well...not to be rude...but duh.

Those with higher education and cognitive function seemed to be more optimistic.

They were asked to what extent they "successfully aged." and concluded that those with physical problems and no depression ranked up there with physically healthy people with depression.

Good grief (love that phrase), what am I talking about? They also concluded that those who work with the aging, take an optimistic approach.

Well, I am not thrilled with aching knees and walking like the Tin Man. I often have no resilience. I laugh, I cry. But everyday you get up alive is at least a little OK.

Successful aging--not even sure what that means. Being all perky? Bah!

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