Thursday, January 03, 2013

Those doctor rating sites

Millions read those doctor ratings like Healthgrades and Vital Signs--but the evaluations are based on maybe two or three patient experiences. This according to Loyola.

They looked at 500 randomly selected urologists--almost 80% were rated by at least one of the 10 free sites. Eighty-six percent had positive ratings, 36% HIGHLY positive.

Be cautious, the researchers said. This is very subjective.

They cited a comment that said--"He needs to retire, he can barely walk."

Another comment was--"Best checkup in a long time." Meaning...?

Is the patient qualified to comment in this way?

I have seen one that said--"Go after lunch, he takes his antidepressants at lunchtime."

Then, I thought--how does the patient know?

I would make so many, many comments..."The wait was so long they offered diabetic patients food."

Or: "He rushed me by making the basketball signal for 'traveling.'"

These things happened, but are they necessarily an indicator of quality?

I also check with the state medical board online--but they take complaints off after 5 yrs and lets doctors shed negatives if they come here from another state. So they are pretty meaningless.

Those magazine things--50 top doctors? The doctors nominate each other! How do THEY know?

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