Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Childproofing your hut

I remember once when my kid was little, she was crawling up to an outlet holding an old metal key she found someplace.

Beforehand, without my notice, her strong little fingers had pried out the outlet cap.

That could have been bad.

There are companies that will come in and notice things you don't. They childproof areas you are so used to you don't see the dangers. First, they get to a baby's eye level--or rather, a toddler's.

Also look at big pieces of furniture--would it fall if all the drawers were opened and it over balanced?

You probably need good cabinet latches--the kind tots cannot open. (Also adults.) Stairs should have a hardmounted safety rated gate at the bottom and top--never on the steps. Never use a pressure-mounted gate at the top.

Oh--and those plastic outlet covers--once they are out, the kid can also choke on them. Look for self-closing springing side action covers.

I have no clue what those are. Good luck.

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