Friday, February 01, 2013

Come on, people--question if you want to

Jim Whitehead, professor of physical education, exercise science and wellness at the Univ of South Dakota, says be skeptical of drugs and regimens. He tries to keep people away from "dodgy" stuff, as he puts it.

The other day, I wrote on Human Growth Hormone (below someplace) and got 5 times as many hits as usual.

I saw an ad the other day that said fake dexadrine was back! Well, fabbie! Now your heart can race and you can talk instead of eat.

Whitehead says there is still no real oversight and it's buyer beware.

If you see an ad, he says, that claims you can lose 25 lbs of fat in a week--you KNOW that is nonsense, right? Do you let hope override common sense?

Protein powder to build muscle--the body can only use 1.7 times the recommended daily allowance.

Some people also load up on the vits--saying the soil is so depleted veggies contain few or no nutrients--there is no evidence for this.

White also says acupuncture is useless--"working" only because people believe in it. I, though, have seen some studies, so I skeptical of that skepticism.

 It's your body--think before you throw in pills and powders.

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Star Lawrence said...

Someone I know let an aesthetician who took a course fry her face with a laser. I don't really know if it was excessive--but it looked kinda gross with skin scraps clinging on. A burn is a burn. Will babysoft, wrinkleless skin come underneath? To me it looks about the same--but I have bad vision.