Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Doc in a booth

Yes, we already have little drugstore clinics--but how about little drugstore phone booth-size clinics?

HealthSpot is a small, walk-in kiosk. You are helped in by an attendant and then consult a doctor online and (I guess) show him or her the rash or sore throat.

They call it a high-definition telehealth tool.

The patient applies the stethoscope and the doctor in the TV listens. That sort of thing. (the rubber glove?)

The attendant (supposedly) keeps the booth cleaner than a doctor's office.

Currently this is being tested in Ohio uyrgent care clinics (docs in boxes) and a children's hospital. What do I think? I don't even like to put my arm in the drugstore BP tester. So don't ask me. What do YOU think?

I would wonder how clean it is? Is the little amt of air germ-free? Do you have to wear a papertowel as a gown? Would it help if you went to medical school? Patients will pay up to $80 to Skype a doctor, basically.

Brave New World, I guess.

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