Thursday, February 21, 2013

High heels--sigh

I like to watch THE FIVE on Fox (like a smart VIEW), and those gals wear the high heels. It makes me swoon thinking of how pretty heels look, how I used to be able to walk a mile to work in them, walk on cobbles, etc.

And also how they ruined my mother's feet, which were pretty gnarly.

Autralian podiatrist Phillip Vasyli, founder of Orthaheel and Dr Weil Integrative Footwear (uh-oh, those sound good for ya,, says you can wear heels if you follow some tips.

First, find the right size. Even if they are Laboutins and are a bargain, forget it if they don't fit.

Commute in comfort--meaning wear comfy shoes for the long haul.

Do not wear heels each and every day.

Stretch your feet--flex your foot bottom back and forth with your hand.

Try a wedge for height. They distribute body weight better. (I have tumbled off them.)

Still, women who routinely wear high heels are at risk for damage to their knees, hips, back, and tendons.

You can get pain in the ball of your foot, where weight falls.

As you get older, the fat under there thins, meaning the cushioning is lost. Some people get Restalyn injected.

I also saw Hoda Kotb on TV and she inserts maxipads instead of foam cushions.

I do thank those gals Andrea, Kimblerly and Dana on THE FIVE for holding up the heel tradition--I know it's costing them. But they do look so nice.

And I mean just regular nice shoes--not "tranny" numbers or Lady GaGa clumpers.

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