Friday, February 08, 2013

Let's grab a bite, it'll be fun

A lot of people in the US right now are getting the revolting "throw up flu," as the kids call it.

But some sudden-onset intestinal disturbance--a lot, in fact--is from poison food.

The CDC says one in six people become sick and 3,000 die in the US each year from foodborne illness.

Municipalities do try to inspect eateries and insist on safe food handling.

Out here, they divide conditions into three categories...Priority violations (must be corrected on the spot or within 10 days), Priority Foundation (weird term, meaning could lead to priority), or Core problems (bad sanitation).

The restaurant may decide whether it wants to be graded A to D.

Your area may have a different system. I guess it's pretty much Eater Beware.

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