Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Watch that Ibuprofen

Do you like that Dr Oz? He sort of gives me the creeps with his TV show all about poo.

Anyhow, in a recent column, he said more than 20 million Americans and Canadians take the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) Ibuprofen (over the counter)before exercising--to prevent aches and pains.

Trouble is, exercise reduces blood flow to the digestive tract and allows this drug to irritate or tear the lining, resulting in "leaky gut."

They tested some athletes and those who took ibu before exercising had elevated levels of a protein indicating this disorder. The protein disappeared in an hour so they don't know if the damage was lasting.

The doc, whatever you think of him, recommends easing into bouts of activity by exercising some each day. You will get fewer tiny muscle tears and this not need the Ibu.

Use NSAIDs only for swelling and actual pain. And only short term. Never more than 10 days running.

What if you take an aspirin daily? First, get it to dissolve faster by taking it with warm water. And don't take it with Ibuprofen--or if you do, take it 30 minutes before the aspirin or 8 hours after.

We throw in too many pills as it is. This leaves many chronic pain sufferers with acetaminophen--and that can mess with your liver. Ask the doc. Your own doc.

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