Wednesday, February 20, 2013

When to ask the doc about a kid's sleep problems

Sleep like a baby--sure it sounds good. But what if your child snorts and chokes and gasps for breath every so often?

What if a child breathes with an open mouth? Sleepwalks or talks? Gets terrors or nightmares? Has trouble falling or staying asleep? Wets the bed? Is sleepy during the day? Or has daytime issues such as aggression or hyperactivity?

Ick--send the kid back.


Sleep special Gerald Suh, MD ( says such sleep disturbances worry both parents and children. If these persist, ask the pediatrician about them. It's not panic time, but it's worth mentioning.

Apnea, the gasping thing, can mean not enough oxygen is getting through--removing tonsils and adenoids in a child helps in 85% of cases, according to Suh.

Yes, they still do this, but consider it carefully. My daughter had it done as a teen and was never sick since---but it was not pleasant.

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