Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Yoko is 80--but that is not my point

Personally, I love how the rock groups of yore are still the rock groups. I read a musing today on Yoko Ono's turning 80.

See this: http://wellthisiswhatithink.wordpress.com/2013/02/18/my-god-yoko-ono-is-80/

He says our icons are turning into mush. Not so! I would rather grapple desperately for relevance and influence than sink into the west in a decrepit pile of old lady running shoes and walkers.

On Linked In, there arose a discussion of what to "call" old(er) people...Senior, elders, elderly, mature...ew ew ew. Have you ever had a doctor notice you are old, try to pretend you weren't, and call you "youngster." We fired a guy for calling Mom that once. Fired, canned, changed primaries. "Young lady" is also bad.

One guy on Linked In had named it the Active Generation--is he kidding? Some of us can hardly get to the mailbox. But--and this is crucial--not all of us have the Heimers--and our brains are pretty active and we can kick some dude rump if we want to.

And the next time you want to make some joke about how old people's tattoos are shriveling or ballooning
--don't. They don't change in size. They may spread a little--cheap ink.

You would know that if you were hip...hep?....no, hip.

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