Friday, March 29, 2013

Boomers great blood donors

All you hear these days is how great our parents were and how selfish the Boomer generation is. I never bought this (sorry, Tom Brokaw) because I read about too many Boomer scientists working their hearts out for mankind.

Now, Connie Cone Sexton, AZ Republic, Mar 29, 2013, says Boomers are keeping the blood banks going--but when they most need blood, there may be a shortage.

The push is on to get younger people into the donating mood.

By 2020, the percentage of donors between 18 and 65 may drop 16%--but the group needing transfusions may rise 26%.

The typical donor gives blood 1.7 times a year. Boomers donate 2.1 times a year.

The supply ebbs and flows by the season--regular donors are prized.

To donate, you need a govt-issued photo ID. You will be asked about travel abroad or your sexual history. You must be 16, more than 110 pounds. You cannot donate if you are pregnant. If you have a tattoo, there may be questions or a restriction.

Donating takes a little more than an hour. You will get a snack afterward. It does not hurt much.

To get more info, go to or

And yes--certain plasma centers still pay for blood. Seniors may need the money--ray of hope?

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