Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Brace yourself--Obamacare signup a nightmare

I try to stay off political subjects on this site, but OMG.

Our dear leaders have done a draft of the form we will have to fill out to start our "health insurance."

It's 15 pages and 21 steps. There are worse versions.

Oct 1st starts enrollment, so listen up.

First, the govt must find out how much money you make to see if you qualify for help buying the mandatory policies. Does your IRA or savings count?

THEN--you must pick a policy. Huge project.

A description of the online material runs 60 pages.

The govt expects this to take you half an hour. Sure, buddy, no problem. More like half a day with secret passwords so you can come back.

Creepy aspects: When you sign up, they will be able to confirm your ID, income and citizenship status instantly. This is new. (What if they can't "find" you or confuse you with someone else?)

You are applying for 2014--the latest tax info will be 2012--if there has been a change, expect a lot more paperwork.

If anyone in your family could get insurance at work but did not take it--well, you are in for it paperwork-wise.

One official said, "This not like signing up for a dating site." Well, it is life-changing, so that part is the same.

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