Monday, March 11, 2013

Compounding pharmacists

Have you noticed I am sort of iffy on a lot of medical treatments, drugs, and approaches?

Last night, on 60 Minutes, there was a terrible story on a Massachusetts "compounding pharmacy" that ignored mold in its "clean room" and sent out steroids for spinal injections that have killed almost 50 people so far from brain fungus infections--and has afflicted many more, turning them into cripples just from the so-called treatment. There is no cure, they are told.

Well, that's just ducky. These idiots were supposed to be "compounding" special medicines for people with unique conditions who had a prescription for it. Instead, they became a seat-of-the-pants manufacturing plant, turning out tons more stuff for fake users listed as Bart Simpson and John Doe.

Did the FDA care? Oh--see this is the great part--the FDA does not inspect or regulate compounding pharmacists.

Isn't that special?

Do you ever wonder what's in the pill you take every morning--or that IV hanging over your head?

Don't we deserve better? Now, they can blame it on that sequester nonsense--before it was just the way things were.

Oh--the mold? It probably came from the recycling plant feet from the door of the so-called clean room, which was sucking in spores.

Watch it and weep.

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