Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Dangers of sledding

I thought winter was over, then I read today that snow is coming again....So watch that sledding.

Yes, even that childhood delight is fraught with horrors, according to a pediatric orthopedic surgeon at Loyola.

Older kids hurt their arms and legs, the little ones usually get head and neck injuries.

Adult supervision, the doc says, is essential. Forty-one percent of those injured had no adults around.

Check out the location. The area should be obstacle-free and groomed. Make sure there are no rocks or parked cars.

What is at the bottom? A busy street? Well, think about it.

Have the kids bundle in layers and wear a helmet.

Always sled feet first! We never did this.

We lived next to the best sledding bill--it ran alongside our corner house. After dark, the adults were out there with a big fire, sledding. No kids--and I bet some adult beverages.

This gave me my first inkling that my parents might have hidden aspects.

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