Friday, March 15, 2013

Interval thinking--cuteness edition

You know interval exercise--slow and easy alternating with fast and sweaty.

Maybe changing up what you are doing all day is good.

They did a study in Japan on the concentration and attention to detail of college students before and after looking at pictures of baby and adult animals.

Those who looked at the babies (no doubt saying, "aw" like you just did) improved their performance the most. But looking at grown animals also made people happier.

I have bad vision, so I try to look at things at different distances from my eyes--I make a conscious decision--leave computer, read at desk with magnifying glass. A change can be a rest.

I heard that the color green is restful to the eyes and that diamond cutters keep an emerald next to their machine--and look at it to clear their eyes. If it's not true, it should be.

You also need to get up and stretch and totter around every so often.

My private theory is that different parts of the brain flash off with each change. We need to stay flashing.

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