Monday, March 04, 2013

Jared the Subway dieter

Where are they now? Well, according to Bruce Horovitz, USA TODAY, Jared Fogle, the bland fellow who lost a ton eating Subway subs, really made out with his initial 425 pounds.

Supposedly he lost 245 pounds in a year, which to any dieter would seem well...fanciful, maybe?

And he kept it off! Sort of...

He and the sandwich chain continue to be locked in tandem. Neither can make it without the other, it seems.

Jared is now worth more than $15 million and Subway is booming.

A few years ago, Jared put on 20 pounds. Subway showed up immediately. One-third to half of their growth in the last 15 years is due to the nerdy sub swallower.

Not that Jared is that likable--in fact, he has a pretty low rating for likability.

But subway pays his gym fees, bought him a trainer.

Still, he only eats at the joint a couple of times a week now. And rides in limos and flies first class.

I would say both got their money's worth. Only in America...

PS Could we lose "the big pants" one of these days? I am so over that cliche.

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