Monday, March 25, 2013

Oh, great, new killer bug called CRE is out to get us

Remember these initials--CRE. It stands for carbapenem-resistant Enteronacteriaceae--see why CRE is easier?

This is the new bad guy in health care settings--apparently MRSA is now boring.

CRE are bacteria found in your digestive tract. But if you are in the hospital or have had surgery or use catheters, etc., these can get in your bladder or blood.

Antibiotics don't work on this very well. It kills half the people who get it. In 2012--people in 42 states contracted this crap.

CRE can get around hospitals and long-term care places because people handle poop or wounds.

And--this is also great news--the CRE can pass its resistance on to other bacteria--like making a vampire by biting.

If you get sick and have been in the hospital--remind the doctor of your hospitalization.

Never stop taking a whole prescription of antibiotics just because you feel better. Never never.

Do not save antibiotics to use on the next thing you get. Smack! What a dope--would you do this?

Wash hands especially before helping a sick person and afterwards--and before making food.

When you are in a hospital or doctor's office and a worker does not wash hands--raise hell.

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